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Wellness Seminar!

This is a free seminar for eflexgroup clients. We are pleased to bring Larry Grudzien, Professor of Law to share with you the pitfalls, benefits, and compliance issues regarding wellness programs.

The seminar is May 29th at 2.00pm CST.

If you are a client of eflexgroup, click to register for the free seminar.

The cost for non-clients is $85.

Fill out this pdf then register here for the seminar.

We encourage you to send this to your friends and colleagues.

More about the seminar

Consumer Driven Health Care is the new foundation of our employee benefit programs. Wellness promises to reduce costs for future benefit premiums and as the milk commercial used to say, "Does a Body Good."

Does your firm currently have a wellness program? What are the legal issues? Are you in compliance? What are the ERISA, IRS, State Laws, and the Dept. of Labor saying?

Contemplating a wellness program? This seminar will be invaluable in your proactive planning. You can’t afford to miss it! Besides, it’s free….

Wellness is part of our ongoing free educational series for our clients. If you are not an eflexgroup or ecobradmin customer, the cost is $85.