Great Resource. Online WiKi (similar to Wikipedia) for Medical Care!

by Ric Joyner, CEBS, GBA, CFCI

I came across this web site…WiserWiki while reading IT trade journals. The previous post in benefitblog mentions WiserWiki.


This except from the WiserWiki is pointed and succinct.

“Welcome to WiserWiki!

This website was originally started with content from the “Textbook of Primary Care Medicine” (3rd Edition) by John Noble – a leading figure in primary care medicine. It is evolving to become a key source of authoritative, online medical information.”

I was impressed with the ease of use, and the amount of information that returned my search term for “nail fungus”. (Gross… I know)


In the past, I was reticent about using WebMD due to advertising pushed for meds. Today WebMD is better at providing a 360-information review, but the user is unsure of who authored the content on WebMD. I do believe that WebMD is a credible source of information. Physicians edit WiserWiki. I was impressed with the comprehensive information pulled from a search term. And no advertising!


This web site is a required bookmark for those of us in the benefit field, those who actually administer plans, require a resource for research on medical items and terms, and the public.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you…