NAHU Webinar March 20th Part 2 of Landmines

Landmines of Pre-Tax Plans Part II
Landmines Part II: Walk slowly and gain credibility with pre-tax plans

We will answer questions such as:
    Do section 125 POP plans require an enrollment form?
    Can you design a section 125 plan that requires Health Insurance to be pre-tax?
    Can employer’s fund flex plans?
    How does the non-discrimination testing work in HRAs?
    I am baffled about COBRA in HRAs.
    What is a post-deductible HRA?
    How can an HRA work with an HSA?

Review of HSA Part I
        Wrap plans
        213d plans
        Premium only HRA
        Stacked HRA with HSA
    Legal Landmines
        Non-Discrimination testing of plans
        Vertical Integration with health carriers
Flex plans
    POP plan issues
        Enroll or not enroll?
        Forced pre-tax health insurance?
        What about the effect on social security?
        New reg changes
        Non Discrimination testing
        Working with HSAs
        Working with HRAs
        Other odd things

In addition, combo plans

Ric Joyner, CEBS, GBA, .CFCI has 23 years in cafeteria plans and has aided several TPAs in startup and growth phases. He is a past president of WI AHU, NAPBA, CEBS Madison Chapter and writes the

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