Friday 9-11 Please make 3 phone calls to your Senators, and Representativesand to let them know where you stand


We need to make two phone calls on 9-11-09


Will you please make a valiant effort on Friday to call your Senators and let them know how you feel about the health care debate? If you are for the ObamaCare program tell them but I can’t provide you talking points because as you know I am on the other side of the fence.

My talking points are going to be these:

1. We have access to health care now but it cost money, and this debate is over how to pay for people who don’t have health insurance.

2. The current system  works fine for 85% of Americans. Let’s focus on fixing the 15%.

3. Fix Medicare, Medicaid and social security first. They are nearly bankrupt. So how can we start a new program without fixing the old? That is irresponsible.

4. With the current economy the way it is we don’t recommend new spending of 2 Trillion! Especially in light of the mistake the Obama Budget office made in miscalculating 7 Trillion deficit to 9 trillion now! What other miscalculations can occur in a massive bill of this nature? Seems as though any money for a total transformation of  health care is gone!

5. Getting a massive stimulus bill that has pork in it, bailing out the car companies, paying for people to get new cars seems to me we have done enough for the time being.

6. I know you may say that if we “don’t do this now we will face higher costs in health care”. This type of attitude got us a triple deficit in less than 6 months. Slow down and focus on fixing the system we have now that doesn’t do any harm such as taking away deductions for health benefits, FSAs and HSAs. This would put many more millions out of work like me!

7. I am not interested in waiting lists and waiting lines when it comes to my family’s health. SO NO GOVERNMENT RUN PROGRAM PLEASE!  (They may come back and say “did you know Medicare is a government run program?” And you can say yes all administered through private insurance companies.

8. The HR 3200 is written vaguely which means there is much room for interpretation later after it is signed by those attempting to implement the bill. This concerns me a great deal.

9. I would also like to know who or what group exactly wrote HR 3200? This 1017 page bill was produced fairly quickly.

Please register my thoughts with Congresswoman Baldwin, Senator Feingold and Senator Kohl.

Folks other national organizations are going to call in that same day with the purpose of overwhelming the system. The callers on that day are pro government run program. So if you want your voice to be heard please call.

Currently the calls coming into Washington are running 15-1 against.

Will you pass this on to everyone you know and personally invite them to call?

Here are the numbers.,

  2446 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone:  (202) 225-2906  (202) 225-2906
Fax: (202) 225-6942
  Baldwin Wisconsin Office
  10 East Doty Street, Suite 405
Madison, WI 53703
Phone:  (608) 258-9800  (608) 258-9800
Fax: (608) 258-9808
  400 East Grand Avenue, Ste. 402
Beloit, WI 53511
Phone:  (608) 362-2800  (608) 362-2800
Fax: (608) 362-2838
Feingold, Russell D. – (D – WI)  
               (202) 224-5323  (202) 224-5323           (202) 224-5323  (202) 224-5323
Web Form:
Kohl, Herb – (D – WI) I
               (202) 224-5653  (202) 224-5653           (202) 224-5653  (202) 224-5653
Web Form: