A Non-Liberal view of upcoming Health Care debate

By Ric Joyner, CEBS, CFCI

This piece is a synopsis of health care at he Congressional recess break. I like to describe the  health care reform or insurance reform as a maze. As I read the various news reports and political sides I start to get a picture painted with a variety of colors. I will describe the form of art as impressionistic. Hazy, varied in color, unclear images but the sense I get from the painting is frustration and anger. The left, who are inflamed that the democrats control the House and Senate  should pass a government run option without the Republicans. Afterall, this is a foundation of the radical left because if they control the health of people they can control the rest of people’s lives. The left is also incensed that average Americans are pushing back on left wing agendas. Because for 8 years they have skewered and savaged anything that was conservative. The shoe is on the other foot. A mistake they are making is improvident. Average Americans at the townhall meetings are pushing back on Obama himself, not just health care. They are realizing that what Obama meant when he said he was going to transform America, he wasn’t kidding. The left wing associations he had in the past were who he really is as a person… a radical. Triple the deficit in less than 6 months, an energy bill passed in the dead of night that is the largest tax increase in US history. Going back on campaign promises not to tax average Americans, hoping to dismantle the current health care delivery system which is one of the best in the world, to have the government run it, and trying to ram this down as well. People are angry. He speaks to the right using conservative words like, change and competition but governs to the far left. Amercians are fighting back and getting off the couch, which is where the left hoped we’d stay! Then because we don’t believe in his politics we are called racist?

Space Shuttle View

The economy is sputtering along. The stimulus package, although touted by President Obama as having an impact on the declining economy only 10% of the money has been spent thus far! Intellectual honesty would admit that it is having no impact on the economy and it will turn around without this wasteful spending. We need to call for the funds to be returned to the treasury so our future generations are not taxed into poverty to pay for the deficit. A great deal of the stimulus dollars were for pork projects that “paid back” (politically) those who helped get Obama elected. For the Obama Administration to declare the stimulus package is working strikes me as premature and harkens to President Bush’s “mission accomplished” in200px-Dailyshowmission the early days of the Iraq war. This is important because President Obama needed the “hurry up stimulus bill” to stop the bleeding in the economy and this hasn’t worked. To add fuel to the fire the White House Budget Office just released they were $2 trillion off target! This amount is about the same cost as the health care plan!

Nation will be mired in deepest pool of red ink since the end of World War II, the Congressional Budget Office and White House report.

When a health care bill  is looking for funding because President Obama wants a revenue neutral bill our industry will be lost and 1 in 6 Americans will lose their FSAs, our industry will lose 1.3 million jobs, and the average participant will see an increase in tax dollars of $750!  If they miscalculated on the budget this early, can’t we suppose they will miscalculate on the health care reform costs? This is a legitimate question that people are asking in the town halls. Another is how can the nation absorb another 1.5 trillion with unemployment at 9.7% headed beyond 10% and the Atlanta Federal Reserve says the unemployment rate is 16%! The tax man requires payment in the near future!

The public is angry and reacting. Some democrats are firing back and demonizing their opinions. The DNC is gathering their paid minions to go to town hall meetings and now they are going to have their own town hall meetings. This is another puzzling question for me is why if you disagree with the left wing position you are instantly labeled as ignorant, uninformed and racist? Oh yes the reason for the attacks is to minimize your opponent. That strategy is out of the Saul Alinsky book “Rules for Radicals”, and Mr. Alinsky is the grandfather of community organizing.


I have yet to understand the left wing logic  (fairness for all using the government to enforce it) of people who are pushing to have the government involved in health care when we have 85% insured and 15% who aren’t. The democrats could easily find ways to fix those who are not insured.The cost is estimated at $24,000,000,000 to $49,000,000,000 depending on the coverage offered. My conclusion, and those who are protesting this intrusion into our lives, is that the decision of the democrats is to create a government plan. To reiterate this goal Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House said today, “We will have a public option”. Thus, it must come down to ideology. Otherwise why spend money we don’t have to create a government run program that isn’t working in other countries except creating lines waiting for health care? 

The Future

As the recess comes to a close after labor day our Representatives hit the bargaining tables. Obama wants a bill ASAP. He is going to speak on Wednesday to a joint session of Congress again in primetime. The problem facing Obama is the American public, both democrat and republican, don’t believe his long winded speeches anymore. They know he will say what we “couch americans” want to hear then will govern toward his agenda and that is more government control over our lives. Meanwhile a bi-partisan group called the gang of 6 Senators, is attempting to get something worked out, and the left democratic caucuses are pushing hard for a government run option. The average american complaining and watching from the sidelines is caught in the middle. Politics is about ideals and moving your agenda past the “goal post”. But, that is not what our founding fathers had died and hoped to achieve. They saw the government having a limited role, with people free to govern their own lives, and make choices that fit their needs. Commmunism, on the other hand sought to give a ruling elite the right to make choices for the people so everyone had equal access to poverty. Thus, it is time for us to pick a side and stand up. Government run or freedom.


What knowledge is on the table to find our way through the maze? We know that the budget is 2 trillion dollars over calculated. We know the CBO scored HR 3200 well above 1.5 Trillion (note this is $1500 billion). We know that the democrats have control of both houses and can decide to push a bill through and most likely will. We know that ideology versus covering the uninsured is driving the move to a government plan. We know that in most countries that have a government plan the citizens are demanding changes and so are some of the medical practitioners. We know that in HR3200 Congress has exempted itself from a government option, instead choosing their private health insurance programs! We know that cutting Medicare reimbursements means slicing services because a doctor or hospital will refuse to provide care that is not adequately funded. We know that health insurance is obsolete by 2013 in HR 3200. We can see the push for a government run system at the expense of other fiscally sound strategies such as offering tax incentives to the 15% that don’t have insurance to purchase insurance. We know that local protesters that opted to voice their opinions have been marginalized.

Obama is now “taking over” the agenda with a new health care speech  to a joint session of congress. If I were looking at this “battle” for the hearts and minds of people, and healthcare reform with a government run program was the foundation signature of my presidency I would steel myself to the critics and do what was necessary to get what I believed was in the best interest of the nation.

That is why we must stop this socializing of American…now!