Mr. President We don’t Believe You!

By Ric Joyner

I was hoping that President Obama had heard the people in the town halls, watched his poll numbers dive over health care reform and the economy. We just don’t have the money to spend on another program. I read the pundit magazines that he was going to develop his own plan and encourage congress to work together to create health reform. But that is not what I heard in the speech. I predicited that he would come out swinging and he didn’t disappoint. But was this the right approach? The speech reiterated the same points we have heard over the last few months…

1. This speech reinforced HR 3200 the house bill that is 1017 pages long. You can review the bill and the CBO (congressional budget office) that scored the bill in the trillions.

  • Employers required to pay for health insurance for employees or be taxed
  • Employees required to purchase health insurance
  • Creation of exchanges to allow people to purchase insurance
  • Public option to compete against insurance companies

Isn’t this HR 3200? What happened to a new bill or a listening to the public which would like to see reforms in the area of getting coverage to everyone?

2. Insurance companies make record profits and require regulation. St. Petersburg Times says that this is false. In other words, demonize an industry. The truth is that they make 4% profit when other companies make 10-25%! See article in Wall Street Journal.

3. That he came into to a fiscal mess blaming the previous administration. But he doubled and tripled the deficit with wreckless spending. We will face higher taxes when it comes to pay back this money.

4. That his economic stimulus package is working and that he is saving the economy. Truth is that only 10% of the stimulus package has been spent!

5. That it won’t cost 1.5 trillion but $900 billion and would not cost the tax payers any money and would not increase the deficit. WHAT? Something for nothing? This is why we don’t believe you, Mr. President.

6. We need a public option even though Americans are against it. This is socialized medicine similar to Canadian Care which means waiting lines. And with medical issues, speed is the key.

7. Medicare has waste and fraud. He will take $800 billion of savings in waste and fraud out of medicare now! Why not fix medicare with out a health care reform? 

Mr. President we don’t believe you. A talking head tonight said, “His proposal is like listening to a late night infomercial that says eat what you like, sit on the couch and you will lose weight if you take this pill”. We all know that it is not true and neither is the pie in the sky health care reform. Mr. President you burnt your bridges with us by saying you were a moderate when in fact, you are a radical and left wing in your beliefs during the election. Now we know better and it is harder for us to believe you on anything else.

We want to see the people who truly can’t get insurance get it. This can be done for @ $30 billion per year depending on how we design the coverage.

Legal reform for medical malpractice. Caps on both the defense and complaintant.

Tax credits for people to purchase insurance.

Revenue neutral

Targeted reforms done incrementally with bi-partisan support.

Help us fund

Help us help you Mr. President versus taking over 1/7 of the economy that we can’t afford over an ideology for government taking over.