Senate Finance Committee pushing hard next week to finalize a bill week of 9-14

By Ric Joyner

Senator Max Baucus says he is moving with his committee to push out a health care reform bill next week. Look for final language this week.

Meanwhile I predicted that Obama would come out swinging at the joint session speech. Here is an excerpt of my prediction.

Obama is now “taking over” the agenda with a new health care speech  to a joint session of congress. If I were looking at this “battle” for the hearts and minds of people, and healthcare reform with a government run program was the foundation signature of my presidency I would steel myself to the critics and do what was necessary to get what I believed was in the best interest of the nation

This approach has played out exactly. The day of the 9-12 tea party in DC which I attended.

The bills (4 of them) will be discussed and debated until one finally emerges later in the fall. At this time we will know exactly what our “fight” will look like. Stay tuned….