Total Compensation Statement Provider Listing

By Ric Joyner, MBA, CEBS, GBA, CFCI

I am providing this list from the CEBS list serve. Members asked the question for recommended benefit statement providers, and I am posting their comments.

Employee Benefit Communications does total comp statements for all our clients. From design to delivery, they are cost-effective and get it done correctly and on time. They are located in Charlotte. Contact Lee Diamond at 1-800-507-3355.

We use a firm in Minneapolis called Perkins Consulting.  High quality product, lots of flexibility, very helpful in editing data and pointing out discrepancies.  It is a small business owned by a couple both of whom are retired actuarial consultants so they understand the data quite well.  I highly recommend.

I also recommend Perkins Consulting.  They have done a great job on my clients in the range of 300 to 6,000 employees

We have used BenComp Communications, a small firm in upstate New York, for a number of years. They produce a great statement, and the staff is easy and flexible to work with. Curt Mead is the President. His phone number is 585.742.1105.

I’ve used for several years when I was with Callaway Golf.  They did an excellent job and were very reasonably priced.  Also, very easy to work with. Contact person is David Earls.  Phone:  816) 444-5202  

We used Joshua and Co a couple of years ago. Very good results, easily customized, competitive pricing, understand the data well enough to say when something looks a little out of place. Contact is Brenda Perkins, phone (816) 842-7997

I found several on a Google search.

Charlton Consulting Group, Inc.
Address: 30 West Gude Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301-294-5380 877-203-5625 Fax: 240-371-0783