Two Great Seminars Friday the 9th: New HIPAA Breach Regulations and How Use Section 125 Plans to Help Clients Purchase Individual Insurance versus Group Plans!

By Ric Joyner, CEBS, CFCI

eflex is pleased to have two guest seminars in one day! These seminars are free; however please consider donating to a food bank in your community. When you donate please let us know the name of the food bank.

Using section 125-Flex to provide individual insurance to employees

The first seminar is for insurance brokers. The price of Group Health insurance is rising each year and many smaller employers are looking for options. The new regulations for section 125 allow employers to offer employees’ money to purchase their own insurance and have it pre-taxed thus giving the employer and employee a tax break. Using section 125 for individual insurance is good news, but there are several downsides which we will discuss. Many employers are reporting excellent employee feedback from using this approach.

The speakers are Ric Joyner, CEBS, CFCI and Joshua Hilgers of Innovative Benefits Consulting.

Learner Outcomes:

-Determine the correct situation to use the approach

-Where to get resources

-Understanding the positives and negative

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New HIPAA Breach Regulations

The second seminar is for employers and brokers.

NEW! Regulations were issued August 24th regarding notification requirements for breaches of unsecured PHI. The regulations are effective September 23, 2009. The regulations generally affect “covered entities” such as employer health plans (e.g., medical, dental, vision, and health flexible spending accounts) and their business associates under the HIPAA privacy and security rules.

Under the new regulations, breaches of unsecured PHI may cause financial, reputational, or other harm to an individual is required to be reported to the individual and to the Federal Government. Covered entities are expected to train employees on the new breach requirements, provide for a complaint procedures, and create breach notification policies and procedures.

David Smith, JD is an attorney specializing in employee benefits law will give a fast paced clear and concise overview which will result in knowing the next steps for implementing the new HIPAA rules.

Learner Outcomes:
– Know how to update written HIPAA policies and procedures.
– Revise business associate agreements.
– Conduct training

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