Webinar on June 19th Noon Central Standard Regarding “Making your voice heard for Flexible Spending Accounts”

NAPBA Webinar on June 19th at 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm Central Standard

Flexible Spending Accounts are targeted as a way to finance health care reform. You listen and read the reports but what can you do about it? Much! This webinar will give you the tools to make your voice known. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) have helped employees, and employers save tax dollars. Removing FSAs will be a tax increase on working employees and President Obama promised tax breaks during his campaign! We need to communicate the value of FSAs to our legislators and enlist the support of our clients.

Please plan on attending to gain insight into the political process, how to use tools in communication to legislators, and learn the next steps.

Our industry and your tax savings may be lost. The time is now for you to make your voice heard. We will show you how.

Please pass this email on to brokers, clients, employees and colleagues.

Space is limited.

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