Eflex service to customers reaches new heights in ‘09 and beyond!

By Ric Joyner, Customer Experience Officer

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for your great service”! “I love the speed of your claim payments!”… “Smoothest renewal year ever”.

These comments are 95% of our customer service surveys that employees can fill out after experiencing some form of service from us. Our staff has worked hard this year to streamline, change and listen to customers. The results are outstanding by the comments coming forward in the surveys. Did you know that when you fill out a survey it is reviewed by staff and responded too? We thank customers for their kind words and we act quickly to assist anyone who is having a problem. We believe our service metrics (updated on our home page each day) are an industry record and quickly becoming a standard. Our staff has other ideas using our Lean Six Sigma methodology to automate more processes so look for further service enhancements this year.

Typically January and March are the heaviest claim volume. eflex processes 75,000 fax pages each month (our capacity is 1,000,000). Here is the latest quality stats from the manager of the claim department.

Below are the stats for March claims.  The team did an awesome job this busy season!!!

Processed claims within limit 99.6% of the time (within 2 business days, only 1 missed on sample)

Average time of paying claims in March was .59 days

Accuracy-.19% error rate (99.81% accuracy)

Jen Kraucis

Claim Manager

Corporate Training Developer