Obama to introduce new “easy to pass” health care bill

By Ric Joyner, MBA, CEBS, CFCI

Nancy Pelosi and the White House are now saying that a new bill is going to be offered by President Obama  on Wed. This is said to attempt to cover 30,000,000 million more people and have some items the republicans will  like such as, purchasing insurance across state lines and possible tort reform.

What some of the democratic pundits have said on the talking head shows are that this bill will have a good chance of passing.

The treasury on Friday afternoon (to avoid the news cycle of the week and catch attention) gave a report on the health of the national debit and it is not good. We are 12.53 Trillion dollars in the hole! http://fms.treas.gov/fr/09frusg/09guide.pdf

A digress. If you go to treasury.gov and research the history of taxes what you see is that an income tax came after the turn of the century (1900) (flat tax btw) and after the income tax, the government grew like weeds and so do more social programs. More social programs equal more debt and more taxation.

Now we are looking at another entitlement called  health care.