Senate To Vote On Repeal Of Controversial Healthcare Reform Provision

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The Washington Post (8/29, Aizenman) reports, "Momentum is building to modify and possibly repeal one of" healthcare reform’s "funding sources" in what "some see…as an opening for further changes to a law Democrats had been determined to leave untouched." The provision, which "will require businesses to file 1099 tax forms reporting any purchases they make of goods or services above $600," was "designed to clamp down on tax evasion" and "was projected to raise $17.1 billion over 10 years toward the cost of the health-care law," but "the measure has prompted alarm from small businesses, who complain that it could prove exceedingly labor-intensive and expensive. Members of Congress from both parties have taken notice, and the Senate is scheduled to vote Sept. 14 on two amendments to an unrelated bill: One would eliminate the 1099 provision; the other would exempt businesses with fewer than 25 employees, raise the reporting threshold to purchases above $5,000, and exclude those made with a credit card."