The Best Balanced Info on Health Care Reform


By Ric Joyner, MBA, CEBS, GBA, CFCI

This the best sourced article on health care reform as it affects the consumer I have ever read. And I recommend it as a must read and pass on. It is easy to understand.  Here is what I walked away with from the article.


1. That we are losing major freedoms in health care choices.

2. Costs of health insurance will go up (even the Administration is saying today that costs will jump 25%).

3. 156 separate government agencies will have say over how health care is delivered to consumers in the future.

4. That the HHS Secretary who is elected at the time will formalize many of the rules and regulations on the fly. Thus, we have now politicized our health care future based on which party is in power.

5. Employers are required to offer government sponsored long Term Care Insurance starting 1-11!

6. There are new taxes coming.

7. 30 million people will get insurance that don’t have it now and that will swamp the current medical system causing care delays. This is the case in Canada and Massachusetts where seeing a family doctor can take 63 days!

8. We are getting mandates on coverage we may not want to purchase which will increase premiums.

9. Losses of benefits equals a tax increase i.e. Limits on FSAs in 2013 and loss of the ability to take Over the Counter Medications.