The Best HSA Tools Seminar—-EVER!

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Who Should Attend This Webinar?
 Brokers  Employers
What We Will Cover In This Webinar:
• eflex HSA product
• How to Create a One-Stop HSA Shop by Cutting out the Banking Middle-man
• HSA Selling Tools
• HSA Employee Communication Tools
• Generating Profits through increased HSA participation
Many times employers and employees are unaware of the tax-saving benefits offered through HSAs.  Dan Morrill will present software tools designed to educate employers and will include:
• Custom Enrollment Types
• Multiple plan offerings
• Complete cost break downs
• Employee out-of-pocket costs
• Premium Share Strategy Tool
• Custom HRA Analyzer
• H S A Contribution Calculator
• Direct Compare Feature
Paul Jannereth will be on hand to demonstrate his employee communication tools designed to raise awareness of HSA benefits and increase participation.
We are covering all your needs for selling HSAs which are gaining market share every year.
Stay ahead of the competition as the fall renewal season approaches.  Join us on July 14th, or August 11, Sept 8th, 2010 at 10:00 AM Central Daylight Time (11:00 AM, Eastern, 9:00 AM, Mountain and 8:00 AM Pacific) to learn how you can generate more profits by offering these effective HSA tools.  You don’t want to miss this one!
If you can’t make on any of the webinar dates you may still enroll in the seminar anyway and receive a recording link to the seminar for your files.

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