Transportation Benefits Changing as of 12-31-10

By Ric Joyner, MBA, CEBS, GBA, CFCI

ARRA allowed an increase for van pooling and bus passes (etal) that was $230. This will end as of 12-31 for bus passes and van pooling unless congress acts. However, it most likely will not. It will revert back to $100 versus $230 and your staff should know. Some people will tell you it will revert to $120 however the IRS Representative that is in charge of Transportation Benefits verbally told me no that it was going to $100. My next question was should we inform our clients and the answer was no not until we send out the CPI changes which will reflect the new amount. “When will the CPI changes come out?” She said in the “next day or so”. Please note this was two weeks ago! We should see CPI changes any day now. ;^)

Parking does not change it is still $230

I will post the CPI changes here.