Proposed GOP House Bill Would Block Health Reform Funding.

Politico (9/30, Rogers) reports, "House Republicans on Thursday released their draft 2012 budget for labor, health and education programs, a giant $153.4 billion measure that moves toward the Democrats in total dollars but still challenges President Barack Obama almost across the board on labor rules and his prized education and healthcare reforms." The proposal "seeks both to block the administration from proceeding with health care reforms and to rescind $8.6 billion in related appropriations authorized under the Affordable Care Act."

AFP (9/30) reports, "The measure targeting the health care reforms passed by Congress in 2010 was contained in a bill that would fund the Health and Human Services Department in 2012." Both houses of Congress must approve the bill, and "in the Senate, the Democratic majority is likely to oppose" it. The proposal "comes a day after the Obama administration asked the US Supreme Court to decide whether the reforms — which would require everyone to have health insurance by 2014 — are constitutional in a bid to settle legal challenges by certain states."

The Hill (9/30, Baker) reports in its "Healthwatch" blog that "the bill isn’t likely to see a markup any time soon. Although it would cut spending on a wide range of programs within the Health and Human Services Department, its total spending levels are still too high for two of the committee’s Republican members