Members in CDH plans are better consumers!

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Members in CDH plans are better consumers and the gap with other members is getting bigger, EBRI finds in its latest analysis. However, 70% of Americans with a high deductible either don’t have an account or have plans that are too skimpy to qualify as HSA-eligible.

On a dozen or so metrics CDH members are typically 10% to 20% more likely to use things like health risk assessments and tools, and are much more sensitive to financial incentives. They are more likely to say that they had checked whether their plan would cover care; ask for a generic drug instead of a brand name; talk to their doctor about prescription options and costs; develop a budget to manage health care expenses; check the price of a service before getting care; and use an online cost-tracking tool.

EBRI estimates 15.7 million adults are in a CDHP or are HSA-eligible (translates into appx. 33 million if dependents are added). Yet only 30% of Americans with a high-deductible plan actually have an HRA or HSA account – 27% are HSA-eligible but have not yet opened an account, and 43% have an ineligible policy (too low a deductible, benefits too lean, or max OOP too high).

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