New IRS Regulations At Renewal Time! Are You kidding? What Do We Do Now?


Join us for a Webinar on December 4 at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Space is limited.

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eflex compliance specialists have your answers. This seminar will guide you through your enrollment choices and explain the different opportunities. Ric Joyner, Founder of eflexgroup, Inc. (eflex), will moderate a panel of eflex compliance team specialists:

Tom Jacobs, JD, Co-Founder of eflex

Nancy Dantzman, Vice President of eflex

Dave Shull, Northeast Regional Director of eflex


Here are some of the content we will cover:

 1. Can you have an FSA or HRA if you don’t offer group insurance?

2. Is the “use it or lose it” rule really over? New $500 Rollover explained.

3. What if my HRA is not integrated with our group health plan?

4. Can an employer offer employees pre-tax individual premiums?

5. How will defined contribution work with the recent IRS changes?


The first goal of this Webinar is to help clear the air on the recent changes and provide you with some tools for communication to clients and employees.

The second goal is to provide you with solid strategies and opportunities in this compliance change.

Can’t attend? This seminar will be recorded but you must register for the recording link to be emailed.