Penalities in ACA are real…Try $100.00 per day for non compliance!

Did you know? $100/day ER Penalty for not giving EEs the Exchange Notices by

$100-A-Day Penalties: ACA Non-Compliance Can Be Expensive for Employers

“While a lot of employers are focused on the penalties associated with not
offering appropriate coverage (the $2,000 penalty) or not offering affordable
coverage (the $3,000 penalty), … PPACA has a $100 a day general
‘non-compliance’ penalty. This general penalty requires employers to correct
compliance failures within 30 days of discovery or self-report a $100 a day
penalty for failing to comply on IRS Form 8928 for each day the employer failed
to comply with a PPACA mandate…. The solution is to sit down with your plan
and go line by line, requirement by requirement, and make sure your plan does
not have any violations.” (Fox Rothschild LLP)