Remiges Foundation Helps People to Purchase Health Care

By Ric Joyner

One of my passions in the last few years is to help people purchase insurance regardless of their station in life. I worry most about the single parents working many jobs to buy insurance.  I don’t really care about the politics of health care any longer, thus I am neither Republican, Independent or Democrat. The finger pointing is over and waiting for government to do something is only part of the answer. But I/we can help.


One of my goals with Remiges is to work with insurance brokers and HR people to help people buy insurance. Normally brokers are active in their communities for charitable work but not visible to the “nation at large”. HR and brokers can show that their passion for helping people purchase health care through Remiges and get a tax deduction also.  When someone donates to Remiges, brokers and organizations can then “fly” the Remiges logo on emails and their web sites showing that “we give back”.


So enough preaching. With that…


Can you help us?


We have started a foundation to help people purchase health care. Here is the link to our web site.


Remiges are the wing feathers of birds. Our mission is to “lift and cover” people who need assistance with Health Care Expenses. But as we get off the ground, we need help. We are trying to raise $1,500,000 to start the infrastructure. Many have donated their time and passion to this already. We are starting to fly but need your help.


Here is how you can  help.


  1. Pass this on and ask people to like us on
  2. Please like us on facebook yourself
  3. If you are inclined please donate


Thank you very much for anything you can provide.